Review Management Services

92% of the customers hesitate to buy a product that has less than 4 Star Ratings. Around 80 % of the customers have changed their mind on a purchase based on an online review. These numbers emphasize the importance of online review management in the success of a business.

Before making a purchase decision people check the online reviews. Therefore, ensuring that that your online business pages have higher positive reviews would help in enhancing your online reputation.

We are a leading Review Management Company that has extended its review management services to various businesses and helped them in effectively managing their online reviews and generate positive organic traffic to their online site.

Invest in Online Review Management to Increase your Business Revenue

Surveys indicate that nearly 95% of the customers read online reviews before making a purchase. 72% of the customers are known not to take any decision until they read online reviews. When there is a choice between two equally good products, it is the one with more positive reviews that is more likely to be purchased.

Online Reviews, therefore, create an avenue to attract new customers to the business. Investing in Reputation management of the business increases the scope of gaining more revenue. There is an increase between 5-9% revenue for every 1-star improvement on online review sites. 

Through our online review management services, we focus on investing the resources and enhancing reputation on the site, which has a higher chance of reaching out to new customers.

Online Review Management services Customized for your business

Enhancing your online reputation on portals and social media, where there are higher chances of your business to gain traction, is critical to balance the available resources for maximum results. As part of our review management services, we conduct exclusive research about your business and the industry you cater, so that we can identify the best strategy for enhancing your online reviews. We identify online review sites related to your business to check for any existing online reviews and respond to them accordingly, which enhances your reputation.

We also channelize our efforts towards encouraging online reviews about your business on these sites, so that your business can gain more visibility. We develop an SEO strategy in reviewing and increasing the positive reviews, which creates scope for a higher chance of your website to rank better in SERPs.

Build a Positive Brand Image with Review Management Services


Our first step of engagement as part of ORM services is to analyze your existing online reviews. Customers hesitate to transact with a business that has fewer reviews. Hence, whether it is a positive or a negative review, we consider the it for feedback to further promote the business. We also analyze each of the existing reviews and categorize them into positive reviews that can be boosted on various online review sites, and into negative reviews to identify ways to mitigate the negative impact they might have caused.


We keep a close eye on the online reviews being posted about your business. Especially we watch out for any of the negative reviews being posted and respond to them to understand and make their experience better. 41% of customers say that brands that reply to them help them in increasing their trust in the brand. We also check for any negative reviews that violate the terms and conditions, so that they can be purged and ensure the reputation is not affected.


Our SEO Agency actively engages in reaching out to customers to provide online reviews, which can help in creating a positive image of your business. We further bolster up the reputation by prompting these reviews on various platforms using effective social media management techniques to let a broad reach of the audience to know about your business. This increases both the credibility and authority of your business.